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Weighing In

4 May 2009

Hollywood has is pros and cons, but such is life. You cannot always get the positive without some negative. Hollywood’s false elaborations and action packed movies are meant for entertainment and that is just what they provide. Hollywood does what it can to preserve the historical content, but they really only tell stories, and they […]

The Spark of an Idea

29 April 2009

While Hollywood may have its downfalls, it also has a few high points. Very few elementary schools or high schools promote the study of ancient Egyptian culture or any other ancient culture for that matter. Hollywood produces movies that offer a mystical and action packed view of ancient civilizations, but at least it’s a view. […]

Did Aliens Make the Pyramids?

28 April 2009

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that some scientists believe the pyramids were built by aliens (and no I wasn’t lying). Take a look at the video bleow to learn more.

Show Me the Money

28 April 2009

Money makes the world go round. Some people might counter with “money isn’t everything,” but in Hollywood, the goal is to boost sales and make more money. The typical movies of the time depict action, romance, horror, and drama; the view of Ancient Egypt is no different. What would antiquity movies be without mummies that […]

Whadya Know???

28 April 2009

When you watch a movie, especially antiquity films, you can’t help but wonder what is real and what is Hollywood.

Out with the Old and in with the New

27 April 2009

Hollywood has a habit of recreating movies using new technologies. Sequels and remakes allow Hollywood to produce a movie without actually thinking of a new idea, produce a movie that had previously done well in order to create new profits, and recreate interest in a product that may have been forgotten. The original Mummy produced […]

Symbolism (

27 April 2009

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Let My People Go

26 April 2009

The Prince of Egypt is one of Hollywood’s animated films that depict Egypt. The story is based on the Biblical story of Moses and the Hebrew’s against Ramesses II and Egypt. The film accurately depicts the Bible’s story, and uses some comedy and graphic effects to keep the audience interested. While the Biblical references may […]

Sleeping with the Enemy

26 April 2009

Cleopatra (1963 & 1999) is based on historical facts of the life and times of the last Queen of Egypt. The original 1963 version of Cleopatra was about six hours long, which allowed for many details, historical facts, and events. However, the 1999 version of Cleopatra was only three hours long and left out many […]

They Came from Above

25 April 2009

Stargate (1994-present) is another movie/television series that should not be taken as truth. Stargate attributes the pyramids to a race of parasitic aliens that ruled Earth as Egyptian gods. A similar concept was also used by a few scientists who believed the pyramids were too perfect to have been created by humans and believed that […]