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Weighing In

Great Pyramids at Giza

Great Pyramids at Giza

Hollywood has is pros and cons, but such is life. You cannot always get the positive without some negative.

Hollywood’s false elaborations and action packed movies are meant for entertainment and that is just what they provide. Hollywood does what it can to preserve the historical content, but they really only tell stories, and they cannot and should not be taken as fact. Hollywood has to give the audience what they want…action. Hollywood uses themes like aliens and resurrected mummies to give the movie a necessary kick to grab the attention of its audience. This could be taken as good or bad, depending on personal opinions. There are theories that aliens built the pyramids, and since we cannot figure out how to build an exact replica of an Egyptian pyramid using the tools they had available, how can we count the option out. Who knows, maybe there is life beyond our little planet. Hollywood movies have opened the door to Ancient Egyptian culture and a little embellishment is necessary.

By presenting new and ancient cultures, Hollywood is, in a sense, providing the incentive for new generations to become interested in new and different things. Hollywood movies should only be viewed as a source of entertainment; they are meant to thrill the senses of its audience not to educate. Simply put, if you want historical facts go with more reliable sources like the History or Discovery Channel, or even better…a book.

“The most vital concept to keep in mind when viewing films about antiquity is that the film directors are artists, and as artists they have the right to adapt, change, or eliminate matters of history in deference to their cinematic art.”

Jon Solomon, 32


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