Egypt in Hollywood
A blog about the pros and cons of antiquity films

Show Me the Money

Money makes the world go round. Some people might counter with “money isn’t everything,” but in Hollywood, the goal is to boost sales and make more money. The typical movies of the time depict action, romance, horror, and drama; the view of Ancient Egypt is no different. What would antiquity movies be without mummies that come to life, ancient cults protecting the land of the dead, Queens that charm a nation, reincarnation to protect the future, aliens building pyramids, and let’s not forget war, guns, knives, death and lots of blood…it just wouldn’t be the same. Hollywood produces a massive amount of action movies stuffed full of violence, sex, and drugs. These movies grasp the short attention spans of the new generations, translate easily so they can quickly be sold into oversea markets, and create a large profit.


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