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Sleeping with the Enemy

Cleopatra VII

Cleopatra VII

Cleopatra (1963 & 1999) is based on historical facts of the life and times of the last Queen of Egypt. The original 1963 version of Cleopatra was about six hours long, which allowed for many details, historical facts, and events. However, the 1999 version of Cleopatra was only three hours long and left out many details, while heightening the sexuality and violence of the tale. Both movies outline the life of Cleopatra and her love affair between two of Rome’s most powerful men, Caesar and Antony. The story elaborates on Cleopatra’s beauty and manipulative powers, and accurately describes the time, including lack of money and Rome’s control. The movies depict Cleopatra as a caring Queen of Egypt who is often controlled by her desire, and as a temptress and whore to the Romans. Cleopatra the movie was created to be a form of historical remembrance with the only real flaw being the elaborated and stressed love affairs that attract the attention of the American people.


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