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They Came from Above

Goa'uld Symbiote

Goa'uld Symbiote

Stargate (1994-present) is another movie/television series that should not be taken as truth. Stargate attributes the pyramids to a race of parasitic aliens that ruled Earth as Egyptian gods. A similar concept was also used by a few scientists who believed the pyramids were too perfect to have been created by humans and believed that the answer lied somewhere in the alignment of the pyramids to Orion’s Belt. Stargate the movie and television series both have good use of hieroglyphs and they use the Mythology of the gods correctly, even into extreme details of the colors and symbols used by specific gods. There is a large emphasis of the Egyptian gods throughout the film and episodes including Ra, Hathor, Seteh, Horus, Ptah, and many others. Even with the good use of Egyptian mythology and historical information, the series is still based on the concept of aliens using humans as hosts and slaves, and is purely for the action/sci-fi entertainment, much like Star Trek and Star Wars.

Another film that uses alien conspiracies is The Fifth Element (1997). The Fifth Element is an inaccurate source of information about Egypt, and attributes the pyramids to aliens, but instead of the aliens being evil aliens, they are the protectors of Earth. According to The Fifth Element the pyramids are temples that hold a weapon of defense against evil in the galaxy that awakens every 5,000 years. The movie does not provide any good information about Egypt and does not use hieroglyphs correctly. This is a movie specifically created for its action and drama scenes.

Fifth Element Alien

Fifth Element Alien


2 Responses to “They Came from Above”

  1. This one is interesting because it goes into the realm of science fiction and its use of Egyptian mythology. What do you think about the value of such connection? Can we see more of a “movie critic” perspective that takes us a bit beyond the summaries of the plots?

  2. I think the connection between science fiction and mythology is the reason for the show’s success. While the overall theme of the show involves aliens (and should not be taken seriously) the connections the writers make present an explanation for unexplained phenomenons in Earth’s history. Obviously there are some falsifications but it I think the combination of science fiction and mythology/history is a great way to build interest.

    Out of all the movies/shows about Egypt, this is my all-time favorite. I have followed the series from Season 1 of Stargate SG-1 to the final season of Atlantis, and I am looking forward to the upcoming Stargate Universe season that starts this Fall.

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