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King Scorpion

Scorpion King (2002)

Scorpion King (2002)

The Scorpion King (2002) is a movie that is closer to the truth than the previous two. The movie is based on a true King of Egypt, King Scorpion who ruled during Dynasty Zero after the Naqada period; however, the storyline goes into an action movie shortly after the introduction. While King Scorpion would have been a strong and powerful man it is not likely that he alone could have conquered both Upper and Lower Egypt.

According to history, King Narmar (Dynasty Zero) who ruled Egypt after King Scorpion is accredited to uniting the two kingdoms, however there is proof on the mace of King Scorpion that demonstrates the Nomes hanging in defeat as King Scorpion digs irrigation ditches to help his people.

Scorpion King Mace-head

Scorpion King Mace-head

Another misunderstanding is the villain in the movie, Memnon, who was a real king, but would have been living in the New Kingdom (1570-1070) not at the beginning of Dynasty 0 (3150-3050 B.C.). The Scorpion King elaborates on the time and presents a fairy-tale story with “The Rock” as the conquering hero. The movie has very few factual elements, and is meant to attract attention through the amazing action scenes and heroic tale.


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