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You Can’t Handle the Truth

Are there any consequences to adding extra action, horror, and drama to movies. Of course there are consequences, but the two big ones are fear and misinterpretation. With such scary themes, younger generations may get the idea that mummies can come back to life, scarabs will crawl under their skin, and aliens will use their bodies as hosts. These ideas can produce nightmares and irrational fears in young adults.

Scene from The Mummy, 1999

Scene from The Mummy, 1999

The second consequence is misinterpretation. By adding little “extras,” facts are changed and leaving a lot of room to misunderstand history. For example, some of the recent movies to portray Egypt suggest that Imhotep was an evil priest who could not keep his hands off the pharaoh’s mistress, aliens are real and possibly on Earth, Cleopatra was a whore who had romantic relations with any man who could help her rise to a higher power, and other cultures are barbaric and uncivilized.


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