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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Hollywood has created many movies that offer various interpretations and ideas. Some of the movies follow history with some accuracy, while others are pure fantasy. So what makes a movie good or bad? The historical facts, action, drama, the actors, visual effects, or a combination? Everyone has their own opinion, and the same goes for movies of antiquity. The view that Hollywood creates has many false accusations and twisted historical facts, but by twisting facts and creating amazing scenes, Hollywood creates interest. If Americans want to see the true history behind the movies, they could watch the Discovery or History channels. Movies of antiquity are not meant to be depicters of truth, but more of a gateway into a world of unknown cultures, languages religions, and time. However, “despite the importance, innovation, and influence of these films, there are viewers who despise the entire genre. They cringe at the belabored historicity as well as the in-authenticities, the costumes, the pageantry, the grandeur, the maxims, the portrayals of religious icons, and the relative lack of psychological relevance for the modern world, not to mention the three- or four-hour running times” (Solomon 33).

So why are movies of antiquity still produced? Supply and demand. Hollywood is still around to produce these false entertaining stories because there is a demand for them. According to James Jaegar, in 2001, Hollywood spent about $87.5 million dollars on movie production and marketing. In order for Hollywood to be able to produce movies like The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, The Scorpion King, Cleopatra, Stargate, and even animated movies such as The Prince of Egypt, the movies must receive profits that cover the movie production costs and the costs of actors, directors, and staff, and that’s exactly what happens. In 2001, Hollywood made profits that surpassed $15 billion dollars (Jeager). That is more than enough incentive to continue producing action packed movies.

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign


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