Egypt in Hollywood
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Historical Conflicts

The idea of entertainment and glitz defines Hollywood. Hollywood is the ultimate fantasy world; a world of tall-tales, romance, and action. Hollywood’s job is simply to provide entertainment. Having said this, it is obvious that it would be near to impossible to create an entertaining movie using just the facts.

“Some four hundred feature films set in the ancient world have made familiar to many hundreds of millions of modern people an alluring, historical world well-marbled with graceful columns, gently folded togas, wine-filled goblets, racing chariots, divinely inspired prophets, golden idols of pagan gods, Christian-devouring lions, scantily clad slave girls, and brawny heroes” (Solomon 4).

While some elements within movies depicting Ancient Egypt are fabricated with action and excessive drama scenes, some depict real events. Conflict is necessary in every story. Without conflict, there would be no story, and since violence has become so popular within the American society, what sells, goes. Hollywood presents a skewed vision of Egypt, but it still presents a vision that otherwise would never be seen by average Americans. Hollywood presents an opportunity that allows new generations to become interested in ancient cultures.


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